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Vilroka, produktai maisto gamintojams

Our assortment contains products for bakeries, food processing and wholesale companies. We offer various kinds of fruit and berry jams, purees, marmalades, confectionery fillings, artificial honey in different size package.

If you do not find the right product in our assortment, we will create new recipes for you!

Jams can be made with fruit puree or frozen fruits and berries. The product can be used as filling for buns, pies, cakes, pastry layering and decorating.

Use of product:

  • to coat confectionery products
  • filling for baked pastry
  • additive for confectionery fillings
  • decorations of desserts and other dishes
1.Apple jam with sugar1/13 kg6 months
2.Apple jam with glucose13 kg6 months
3.Cherry jam1/11 kg6 months
4.Cranberry jam6/11 kg6 months
5.Black currant jam1/6/11 kg6 months
6.Apple – Aronia jam13 kg6 months
7.Wild berry jam13 kg6 months
8.Strawberry jam1 kg6 months
9.Raspberry jam1 kg6 months
10.Red currant jam1 kg6 months

Confectionery fillings intended for industrial processing, confectionery, and pastry. When affected by different temperatures, their texture and flavor properties remain unchanged. The product can be used as filling for buns, pies, cakes, breads. pastry layering and decorating.

Use of product:

  • as stuffing for buns, pies, cakes, breads, and other baked goods
  • for pastry layering and decoration
1.Caramel filling7/13 kg6 months
2.Walnut flavour filling13 kg6 months
3.Cherry flavor filling7/13 kg6 months
4.Clear strawberry flavor filling7 kg6 months
5.Raspberry flavor filling7 kg6 months
6.Black currant flavor filling7 kg6 months
7.Strawberry flavor filling7 kg6 months
8.Orange flavor filling7 kg6 months
9.Peach flavor filling7 kg6 months
10.Cranberry flavor filling7 kg6 months